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Do your electrical panels look like the one on the left? Maybe its time to have someone in to sort them out, we can come out to simply just to test and inspect them and advise you from there to begin with. The right hand image is the way we left it after changing over the panel in a warehouse we removed all the extra small additional switches and board that had been added to reduce the mess. Everything was taken into one single panel and made tidy and easily accessible for any tradesmen to look at or work in, this is how all tradesmen should leave their work but it does not always happen. 


Does your work place still have fluorescent light fitting that means you need to change the lamps constantly. If so it is definitely time to consider changing to LED, as the cost of electricity is on the rise with rates being increased massively it is time for you to really consider ways to save money and something as simple as changing your lights can save you up to a massive 90% on running costs of your lights alone. We can come to you and walk you through the process start to finish see exactly what lighting you need and come up with the most cost efficient solution to cater for your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us even if it's just to discuss it we are here to help no matter what you need, whether it is interior spaces or exterior we have you covered, we work with the top manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality install and we do this at a reasonable price. Everyone suffered these past two years and its time to for people to help one another in any way we can and this our way of trying to help out!

As we get further into 2022 we are hopeful of growing as a business with the potential of some very good contracts on the table for us to go after, our goal is to provide as many people with our high quality services as possible this year and to ensure every single one of them is left with a massive smile on their face knowing that their electrical install was done right. 2022 is a new year and is they year we push ourselves as company as much as we possibly can!


Keep your eyes peeled for announcements as we progress through the year.